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1, jewelry type hooking buckle strap: snap hook principle is set loose-leaf piece together the other end of the chain through the end of the fixed pin, the use of loose-leaf folding metal micro-elastic hook tab fastening link. The advantage is slim fitted, buckle small and smooth ride; wear comfortable; snap quite tight, solid and durable. The disadvantage is that before or after the lifting hook hooking was careful to avoid falling body to get rid of the replica watches.
2, with a lid clasp Bracelet: Snap principle is to use elastic strap cover sheet and folded sheet metal hook fixed pin offset, so that stretch to maintain balance while fastening. Strap on both sides of the lid has the advantage of multi-level end of the pin jack with convenient micro adjust strap length; wear and easy to use, stable and durable fastening, long life; and soundness can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that the package cleat large, convex edge portions of the interface, the degree of influence strap smooth and beautiful.
3, with double insurance cover folding buckle strap: Principles and the second style is similar to the first sheet engaging folded again cleat engaging a reverse, using the inverse of the cleat and the close contact with the cover, and a bump engaging with the concave hole. The advantage is set in the opposite direction cleat to prevent the strap interface is accidentally tripped vigorously cocked, fastening the insurance firm; trace and easy to adjust the strap length. The disadvantage is that in addition to the above two the same, the strap together cover another case when the edge of the mouth hang sharp objects scratch, easy to open loose, affecting appearance; snap trouble, inconvenient to use.
4, no strap with folding lid: the use of two thick steel folding then set the hook with its own rigid asperity elastic snap. The advantage is firmly snap tight, strong and durable; no dedicated body cover band, strap pattern neat uniform appearance, sleek appearance, can be said to be flawless. The disadvantage is not micro-adjust strap length. 5 , arrows hook spring clasp Strap: hooking principle is to set the hook , including the folded sheet Arrow , Arrow timely hook buckle strap cover spring hooks are tight , off with both sides must be pressed simultaneously with spring cover release button uncoupling . The advantage is firmly secure fastening strap outer edge of the interface smooth and beautiful ; buckle timely pressure on the wrist and lightweight, easy to use and fast. The disadvantage is that there may be an arrow leptospirosis wear and spring fatigue problems ? Life is closely related with the material . Most no trace strap length adjustment . This section folding body may have different forms , there is overlap style sheet with plate fixation type bump to bump folding plate fixation for excellent.
6, the belt: here only to traditional needle hole cards snap belts. The advantage is Lightweight , aptamers, fastening securely , wearing feel comfortable. The disadvantage is that Snap cumbersome , inconvenient to use ; interfaces protruding outer edge of the strap is not smooth ; easily sweat, rain and other pollution, easy to clean ; shorter cycle ; wear with time and with the solution to be real careful grip , swiss replica watches lest falling body . General than ordinary steel belt cheap , but also very expensive senior belt , priced as high as several thousand .
If you love the quality of the belt table is the table , and the belt has been broken , then Xiaobian recommend that you replace the strap as early as possible , otherwise the watch strap breaks cause lost or fall , when the time is regret. swiss replica watches strap how to pick ? You can continue to use the original with the strap, but need to go to the corresponding brand aftermarket order , the price will be relatively more expensive. Of course, you can choose the other strap, square meter net strap accessories already on the line , has been added to our U.S. fashion brand Chimaera more than 200 kinds of products , the main Italian calfskin alligators series and series.
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